10 Underground Lakes Around the World

Follow me underground, momentarily.

Sick of above-ground lakes? Me too. Yawn. Boring. Let’s crawl under the surface of the earth and get away from (gestures to literally everything, everywhere) all of this, and observe some of the most incredible hidden lakes in the world, located within the twisted caverns of some of the earth’s longest and deepest cave systems–many of them accessible to tourists. These unusual, magical-looking caverns will have you planning a trip underground in no time. So, get your explorer pants on–here are 10 of the world’s most fascinating underground lakes.

The Best U.S. Hotels and Resorts for Social Distancing

Enjoy a (safe) getaway.

Choosing the best hotel or resort for your getaway can be hard enough even in the best of times, but during the age of coronavirus, there are extra considerations. Flexible dining options, accommodations with private entrances, and outdoor activities are more important than ever. Luckily, incredible places are offering all this and more. These are the best U.S. hotels and resorts for social distancing.

10 Small U.S. Towns With Unusual Origin Stories

Some of America's smallest towns have some tall tales in their history.

Some towns have noble founding stories. Tales of intrepid explorers, hardworking salt-of-the-earth folk, forward-thinking visionaries looking to carve out a community of their own. While these towns might have had a few of those types that appear in their origin stories, there was also a bit (or a lot) of quirkiness that contributed to their formation that’s totally unique to these locations. From postmen with illegible handwriting to a haven for practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, here are some of the unusual ways these small American towns came to be.

Children of the Night: 10 Nocturnal Animals Around the World

When night falls, these creatures crawl.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a night owl. I don’t mean that in a literal sense—I’m not an owl. However, this list is comprised of critters that are not unlike me or the night owl, in that they prefer sun-down to sun-up when it comes to being productive (and just living, generally). Additionally, in the night owl’s case, these are also critters that are not human, so, well, without further ado…

These Are Arguably the Best Music Video Locations of All Time

Concrete jungle, where dreams are made of—including the dream that led me to write this article.

If, like me, one of your favorite forms of relaxation is sitting on the couch with a group of friends (what a concept!), popping open a bottle of bubbly (or any libation of your choice), and queueing up a good, old fashioned music video (the video itself doesn’t necessarily have to be old), you’ll likely relate to the below list, a roundup of destinations used as backdrops (and/or as characters themselves) in music videos that transport us to another place or, in some cases, inspire us to travel long after the final note of the song.